How to make your balcony prettier

June 3, 2011 Comments Off on How to make your balcony prettier

The terrace, as well as the ambience in your home needs a high dose of decorative details that define the style and personality of the one who inhabits it.
During the spring and summer we enjoy open spaces and  perhaps there is nothing nicer than organizing  joyous and sometimes improvised get-togethers with family and friends. Therefore,  your terrace is the best place to throw a party.

However, this does not mean during other seasons,  we should remove our furniture and accessories. Undoubtedly we find pleasing the outside part of our house, arranged in style and a variety of colours.   This colour that transforms terraces and make them beautifully looking is not the only essential element which brings personal touch to your house. Obviously it looks warm and welcoming.

Textile details play an important role when it comes to decorating a lounge or dining room on the terrace. If you get rid of the traditional beige cushions and you look for natural tones for an urban terrace or in blue if it’s a summer home, they help you fulfill the idea of getting a comfortable outdoor environment. Please, note that currently there are fabrics that consist of elements that make them resistant to the sun, so their colours are always vivid.
The plants are an important element for your terrace, because they can transform it into an oasis. The shrubs call for intimacy, while the flowers add a diversity of colours to the surrounding premises. You should always choose plants that are not affected by the weather changes and hot summer sun, so you can keep them throughout the year.

Candles are a must for your meetings in the evening. They turn your terrace into a chill-out lounge. The beautiful  lanterns and candles in bright colors look like accessories during the day and make the outdoor premises a fun and welcoming space.

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