How to revive your interior by using plastic bottles

May 18, 2011 Comments Off on How to revive your interior by using plastic bottles

Do you with to create a design which evokes positive and eco emotions. Don’t be hesitant to use all the resources that you have in order to make your home a perfectly decorated residential space where you wish to relax and do your favourite activities.

As you have might have seen, one of the activities which has increased the number of eco activists is recycling, an alternative that invites us to take advantage of what others consider waste material. Actually, it is easy to convert it to make some extra money.

Now we review some ideas which will help us convert useless plastic bottles into fine ornaments which can be used to decorate every corner of our home. If you’re looking for a profitable idea, comfortable, easy to implement, yet innovative, then undoubtedly our ideas will help you start a successful business.

Decorative lamps with bottles:

The playground is one of the areas where we can find many bottles. As you can see from the photos, there are a lot of models that you can use to decorate your home. You can start by getting together a significant number of bottles of different colors and shapes. Once you have gained significant quantity, you can start creating innovative by watching online tutorials.

One of the models, which I would like to highlight on in this article, is the table lamp with blue flower details (details that are, of course, made of bottles). The photos excellently imply the way you can create a stylish retro style lamp which can accentuate the overall appearance of any space.

It’s not a bad idea to use plastic bottles to give presents or make extraordinary gifts.

Have you seen those original apples from the images below? Well, you can also make use of the bases of the bottles.

For the finishing we use two bases of transparent plastic bottles, pieces of cloth, natural elements (clean and smooth), colored paper for the external layout of the bottles and a blue ribbon to tie the knot.

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