How to Save Space and Stay Savvy

January 5, 2012 Comments Off on How to Save Space and Stay Savvy

A two room apartment filled to the brim with clutter and furniture. All the available floor space is occupied by seating and other essentials but they are all covered in junk. What’s the solution? There are a few actually.

Try to get furniture that doubles as storage space. I like to use antique chests in my living room as functional tables and storage containers for things I don’t need very often. There are lots of bed frames and headboards that have shelving built into them. If you have bunk beds in the kid’s room then look for one that is both a bed and dresser. They are out there and they are pretty stylish as well.

Bunk beds are a great space saving solution on their own. Of course, they are most common in children’s rooms but don’t dismiss them for use in the master bedroom. Who needs a guest room when you have a set of adult bunk beds where you and your guests can relive the excitement of the sleepover. If you do have a guest room, try using bunk beds in there as well to increase the sleeping space to the maximum.

If you are lucky enough to have a place with high roofs you can build a second level with steps or a ladder leading up to it. This gives you a lot more work and storage space. An elevated loft doesn’t have to be more than a 10’ by 10’ area raised 4 feet off the ground for it to really increase space. You can’t walk underneath it but that’s 400 square feet of storage space that you can still walk over. Just make sure to build it to support far more weight than you ever expect to be on top of it. If you don’t know how to do this safely then you need to hire a pro. Don’t gamble on your skills and safety.

Buy or build an inverted wine glass rack over the sink. This clears up cabinet space by taking the glasses out of them and clears out the drying rack because you can hang the wet wine glasses over the sink and let them drip dry.

This is just a short a list of ideas that you can use to make use of what little space you have. Take these suggestions and run with them.

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