Hualien Residences, a project of BIG in Taiwan

April 16, 2014 Comments Off on Hualien Residences, a project of BIG in Taiwan

This is another of those BIG projects that deserve more than a single glance. This time it is a resort with commercial and residential area. It is built on a land previously occupied by industry in Hualien ( Taiwan). The deal has been received by TLDC who wanted something shocking to this part of the country, and it seems the initial goal has been accomplished.
The complex is known for Hualien Residences, and it is marked by a unique volume that seem to imitate the mountains which are in the distance. This form is obtained by a series of parallel stripes going up and down, creating roof gardens. Depending on the orientation, we can distinguish three groups of buildings, two of them have stripes oriented in the east-west direction, while the third has the north-south axis .
This original arrangement creates several pedestrian walkways between buildings, underground jogging areas and viewpoints … but the big question of the project is to find out what technology is used to get those green “urban mountains ” , and maintenance.

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