IBM’s new offices in Rome- truly inspirational

January 13, 2012 Comments Off on IBM’s new offices in Rome- truly inspirational

Today’s project is for IBM’s Executive Briefing Center in Rome. It is a new transformation of IBM’s offices. The transformation of spaces has also involved a major expansion, as well as using advanced technologies, resulting in creating atmosphere that goes beyond modernity, leading unambiguously to the future.
The architects of IBM’s offices did their best to ensure that these new offices work as a point of contact which promotes and encourages sharing ideas, but always incorporate innovative communication technologies.
We recognize different lighting lines, both on the floor or ceiling, use of multi-format LED points, which can vary in color and are in some places interspersed with video panels. Many of the dividing walls of these offices are made with glass panels that control the degree of transparency with different elements (vinyl, blinds, or LED lighting).



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