Impressive house in Fitzroy North, Australia

April 15, 2013 Comments Off on Impressive house in Fitzroy North, Australia

This three-bedroom residence in a small room in the center of the city Fitzroy North is nice reflection of the sensitive story of the urban lifestyle.

The owners of the small Victorian house approached an architect with a mission to create a bigger house with sufficient natural light and airy feel. The purpose of the reconstruction was to ensure the perfect care for the growing family. The renovation is located on a small site in Fitzroy North.
The modern glass structure wrapped in a wooden skin shapes the shell extension that provides light and vertical space.
The new renovations complement the historic environment. A clear division between old and new is set to contribute to the public realm and environment.
Full height windows provide privacy from the inside and allow the winter sunlight to enter through the open glass and the exquisite wooden staircase. Large skylights add a sense of space and light. The north facing roofs accommodate photovoltaic cells and solar water installations that have been used throughout the house.
The extension creates new logical spatial relations. The entire site is merged with the new house to create a unified space. The vertical space was used to increase the spatial feeling on a very small size.


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