Impressive new subway station in Saudi Arabia

June 13, 2013 Comments Off on Impressive new subway station in Saudi Arabia

The capital of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) will have another subway station, designed by an international group of architects. This time the name of the genius is Architeckten Gerber, and the new station will add extra value to the piece, designed by Zaha Hadid. This building will be located at the intersection of Olaya Street, King Fahd, and King Abdullah Highway. This are has recently undergone many infrastructure changes, and it’s designated to become a focal point of the city.
The Metro station is a project of more than 68.000m2. It will house a parking area for 750 vehicles and four arcade levels in a ring, but it will be mostly distinguished by the gardens with swaying palm trees on their decks, forming a real urban oasis high. There also are water fountains, picnic areas, amphitheaters, and Wi-Fi throughout the area.
This station has a projected cost of 20 million USD.

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