Impressive residence in Coral Gables by Touzet Studio

November 22, 2013 Comments Off on Impressive residence in Coral Gables by Touzet Studio

The owner of this home is a pioneer in the field of technology and a true committed modernist. The project is located on a waterfront place in Coral Gables, overlooking Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami and the barrier islands of Key Biscayne.
The City of Coral Gables has a prescriptive zoning code that favors the historic styles of the contemporary design. This apparent conflict between the fantasy of a modern house and the city is the classic design affair which triggers the exceptional design.
The facade is presented as two volumes covered with stone, all materials are identified in a proper way to correspond to the architecture in Coral Gables. The lower volume is the larger main volume and it is clad in polished limestone.
In the bay side of the home, we can see the true beauty of the house and we do recognize customer’s desire to have high ceilings, glass walls and expressive volumes.

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