Incredible Looking Loft Filled With Natural Light

September 7, 2010 Comments Off on Incredible Looking Loft Filled With Natural Light


This 94 square meter apartment has a privileged location on the corner of the building. You are looking at a nicely arranged flat with three rooms, one beside the park, with unobstructed views over the green expanse outside, and one facing the street, while the kitchen overlooks the pleasant and peaceful courtyard. In the middle lies a spacious hall and in relation to this, a new bathroom. The overall floor plan with massive windows on three sides and the bright color scheme fills the apartment with light. It’s hard to decide which of these rooms we like best. Usually, when we present apartments on Freshome, we like to start with the living-room. But the bedroom in the first photo was just so inviting, that it deserved special treatment. Which room do you find most inspiring?

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