Interactive elements for kids room by Yayoi Kusama

March 16, 2012 Comments Off on Interactive elements for kids room by Yayoi Kusama

The talented artist Yayoi Kusama organizes his exhibition in Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Australia this month.

The unique space recreates a home environment that features different furniture painted in bright coloyrs. While this may suggest that it is a splash of colors and specificity, it works like a canvas that wait to be filled with energy. All surfaces are brightly coloured in the shape of tiny and bigger dots.

In the course of two weeks, young visitors of the museum would receive thousands and thousands of stickers and colour palettes to be invited to help transform the space, turning the house into a vibrant explosion of color splashes.

Right, your assumption comes in the right place, because the white, pale room will be completely transformed during the course of the exhibition as all colour dots are accumulated as a result of thousands and thousands of little contributors.
What do you think about this creative idea to create the homely space and turn into a kingdom of colours for kids?

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