Interactive Sustainable Design Project by Gruba

October 21, 2013 Comments Off on Interactive Sustainable Design Project by Gruba

Gruba is a team of experts who are dedicated to architecture and sustainable design. They are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their starting point for every project is the ratio of the recovered materials which can be incorporated into their work. This is one of their projects, The 0-3, a space that seeks ways to introduce the integration of the game, nature, perception and expression, stimulating the imagination through the senses. The space is located at the museum where we recognize soft shapes and warm materials. The proposal consists of three elements: a smooth surface with waves of different textures, shapes and colors and natural components. The purpose of the project is to discover the diverse landscapes of the country: the textures of cactuses, lizards, mountains and streams. Take a look at the photos of this magnificent cultural project.


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