Interior design for your home: a luxurious style for singles

July 8, 2011 Comments Off on Interior design for your home: a luxurious style for singles

The modern apartment, which will present, is located in New South Wales, Australia. It is built and designed by Weir Phillips Architects. The interior design is ideal for a single man. Luxury finishes and striking colours, two elegant bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom in black, are all you need if you are still single. Downstairs we find an amazing jacuzzi with transparent cover, a kitchen, a dining room, a contemporary dining room in neutral colors.

 Then we will find a small room with chairs of different textures, neutral colors with blue. The black colour which is incorporated in the design gives an elegant accent of the design. Yet, walls are in glorious white colour.  Next, we step into a small lobby with cushions, brown carpet that is identical of all carpets which we usually put in the living room. We can conclude that designers have been looking for the harmonious tones of different, stylish colours.
Here we will also find a luxurious jacuzzi where all you can think about is relax. What would you say about the spacious dining room in chocolate brown, beautiful chandelier, as well as red and black accents. The kitchen is not spacious, though, and it is completely finished in white and metallic tones. The secondary bedroom has elegant curtains and stylish carpet in neutral tones. From the primary bedroom you can see the interior of the bathroom.
It’s great to be  single, isn’t it?

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