Interior design in Victorian style

September 19, 2011 Comments Off on Interior design in Victorian style

If you’re seeking a fashionable interior design style that evokes class, sophistication, elegance and delicacy, then the Victorian design style is definitely your solution.
It is a style that emerged in the middle of nineteenth century  in UK during the reign of Victoria I. It is featured by perfection and finest details,  unique way to form an eclectic style which introduces and seamlessly blends influences from Asia and the Middle East that revive the Gothic style.
To implement the Victorian style in your house, just follow the advice that you will find below.
According to the Victorian style, each color corresponds to the significant elements and use of the room. You should choose strong colours that leave an impression for your living and dining rooms. Good choice is red, yellow or blue. If you don’t wish to paint your walls, then  you can opt for wallpapers. Of course, they should have elaborate designs that match the royal Victorian style.

As it comes to the furniture, the Victorian style involves the use of detailed elements, smooth lines and curves, so when choosing your furniture, you should opt for those that offer a great detail. A good idea is to choose gothic furniture and camelback sofas.

The Victorian style of your house implies details and stylish accessories, so don’t miss them. We recommend you to use lace, fabric patterns, decorative vases, carpets and small marble statues. If you wish to change the style of your home, then it is advisable to take some accessories of your grandmother or tour the antique shops in your city.

Another thing that you should have in mind is that the personalization of your space is vital for the Victorian style.  It reflects your tastes and interests as far as interior designs are concerned. Remember that the style is impossible without achieving perfection, so please ensure the good atmosphere and harmony of your home in Victorian style.

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