Interior design trends autumn-winter

November 28, 2011 Comments Off on Interior design trends autumn-winter

 If you wish to create a specific atmosphere in your home, you may use a combination of styles, for instance, designer furniture and vintage items that achieve optimum contrast. Likewise, you can combine different materials, steel with leather, wood and even fabric.
People always desire to live a better life, make it easier and hence everyone seeks ways to create comfortable and functional residential premises. Wood and stone are materials that create warm and welcoming atmosphere.
The British interior style gives special importance to  natural materials and textures. This style is more classic, but at the same time it’s suitable for everyone who looks for comfort.
We also find that the current trend for wallpapers has gained momentum in recent years. There are many colours, patterns on the market. The latest trends in autumn wallpapers show that only one room should employ wallpapers instead of using the same pattern in  all rooms. Thus, we have the freedom to create special contrasts that highlight our taste.

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