Interior design with an attention to the water

December 28, 2011 Comments Off on Interior design with an attention to the water

 This article discusses not only decoration, but also the use of an innovative materials applied to the carefully selected interior of Hidrosalud offices, a company dedicated to careful water use. The main idea behind the design is based on the feature of the water to create spaces that create a very special atmosphere.
In an area of 120m2, we can see management areas, administrative areas, advanced technologies and  a strong brand image  with a decoration that is represented by futuristic vertical walls, inclined, curved, glass panels, and strategically arranged LED lights. To emphasize the separation   between the director’s office and commercial areas, designers have used two glass walls with a liquid crystal LCD between them  in order to better control the degree of transparency of the wall.
Most of the furniture and interior design of these offices are made with Hi-MACS acrylic stone, because this new thermoplastic material provides great flexibility without leaving any visible spacing. The table in the meeting room  is made also of some natural material.

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