Is Your Home Decorated For Efficiency this Holiday?

March 25, 2013 Comments Off on Is Your Home Decorated For Efficiency this Holiday?

Summer vacation is a wonderful time, as you can spend all of your time in the warm outdoors, from Texas to Maine. Decorating your patio or gazebo with strings of simple lights will make your evenings much more pleasant, as you can spend some romantic nights eating outside with your family.

These lights can be very expensive, however, and the amount of electricity you use to power the lights will cause your energy bill to be much higher. If you want to keep your summer vacation costs low, it’s time to decorate for energy efficiency.

Run a Timer —Rather than leaving the lights turned on for hours at a time, why not set them to run on a timer or while you’re sitting outside? You can have the lights shining brightly  in the evening, and leave them on for a few hours until everyone has gone to bed. Never leave your lights on after you’ve gone to bed if you don’t have a timer, as they will stay on and using electricity all night long. Set the lights to turn off after a few hours, and you’ll save a fortune on energy bills!

Find Safe, Efficient Lights — Make sure that the lights you use are safe and efficient. Find lights that use less energy, and make sure the strings won’t fail just because one light bulb burns out. If you’re going to use lights outside, make sure that they are outdoor lights that won’t be damaged by any summer rains. Indoor lights shouldn’t get too hot if they are to be strung around your tree, so make sure to read the label on all the lights you buy.

Go LED -­- LED lights will emit a lot less heat, and they will run much more cheaply than regular lights. They will be more expensive than regular strings of lights, but they will have a much longer lifespan. They’re less likely to break, and you can use them for years and years to come. Invest in a few strings of LED lights, and you may never have to buy these lights again!

Be Careful With Plugs — One serious threat that all decorated homes face is overuse of plugs and sockets, which can lead to electrical fires, overloads on your fuses, and other problems. Make sure to avoid plugging too many strings of lights into the same sockets, and spread the plugs throughout the house as much as possible. You may have to run an extension cord to your gazebo to string all the fancy lights for your romantic evenings outside, so make sure that the cord can handle the power usage. More tips on this from

Use Power Strips -­- A power strip will make it much easier for you to turn the lights and other electronic decorations on and off, so it’s worth plugging everything into one. They are fairly cheap, and they’ll prevent you from using too much electricity from one socket. They’ll shut off before your breaker trips, so they’re safe and easy!

Turn Off –– Make sure to turn off the lights and other decorations when they aren’t in use. You may want to leave your romantic gazebo or porch lit up like a Christmas tree, but it’s just going to cost you a fortune! When you aren’t at home, turn off the lights to save money.

Shopping for a new energy provider on is a good first step to help you save this summer. You’ll be able to find an affordable energy company that offers clean, cheap energy.

The impact on your wallet will be noticeable thanks to the cheaper energy and the energy-saving decoration tips above!


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