Island Cottage Nested in Washed Granite – SHIFT Cottage by Superkul

June 4, 2009 Comments Off on Island Cottage Nested in Washed Granite – SHIFT Cottage by Superkul

SHIFT cottage on an island in Ontario, Canada’s Georgian Bay is a 2000-square-foot family cottage nestled into the exposed, washed granite. Thanks to that and tree line near it, the cottage is hided from the strong winds off of the water. Its structure also designed to take advantage of the landscape views around. Glass link between two house’s volumes separate the site while wood deck terraces give outdoor space for kids to play. House’s outdoor space is great not only for kids but for their parents too. Water views through trees could only improve relaxing time there while reading a book during the sunny day. The pure forms of the cottage are highlighted and reinforced through material choice, including knotty cedar cladding, a standing seam metal roof, and a dry-laid stone fireplace. [Superkul]



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