Island House Design in Peru – gorgeous seafront home

June 18, 2009 Comments Off on Island House Design in Peru – gorgeous seafront home

Ideally situated on the seafront overlooking Playa La Isla in Peru, this island house design by architect Juan Carlos Doblado makes the connection between contemporary architecture and its natural surroundings of the desert and the sea. The modern design incorporates outdoor living with a rooftop terrace, which overhangs a ground-floor patio. A pool is tucked beneath the overhang, which features a skylight directly above the pool for a sunny soak or swim. A favorite for al fresco lounging and entertaining, these outdoor spaces invite you into the home through massive windows and an open concept interior design. Interior glass walls maintain that sense of openness. Inside, concrete walls and industrial-style finishes give the space a simple, contemporary style. Juan Carlos Doblado
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Elsa Ramirez


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