Jesolo Lido Pool House – minimalist design

May 4, 2014 Comments Off on Jesolo Lido Pool House – minimalist design

Jesolo Lido Pool House is a nice project, built in a not very large area of Lido of Venice. The client requested best possible open space and low maintenance gardens. The most attractive part of this work we will find in the polished and minimalist design which is distinguished by the lines.
The distribution of three bedrooms follows the shape of an ” L” , freeing up space for two yards.
Two of the bedrooms are similar and symmetrical, while the third serves as a bathroom and dressing room. The main room of the house has a fairly conventional organization, but its decor makes use of an exquisite minimalist recreation and hidden line lighting which keeps the unique style .
It should be noted that the big solar radiation panels on the façade are formed by huge panes of glass. We have liked the two beds in each of the courtyards, surrounded by lush greenery that requires very little maintenance. We cannot miss to mention the exquisite design of the swimming pool which creates a stunning effect.


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