Kids Luxury Bedrooms by SavioFirmino

February 4, 2011 1

Do you wish to surprise your little princess and prince of the house? Get some crafty with these NotteFatata children luxury bedrooms that are designed to make the little ones feel like being a part of an intriguing fairytale. The Italian manufacturer SavioFirmino designed this children bedroom collection that can make every dream come true. The line features elegant finishes and other nice details like carvings and scrollwork. The collection is planned to meet every need and whim, so it includes baby cradlers for the small ones, bigger beds for toddlers, wardrobes, bedside tables, comfy chairs and more. The furniture is produced from quality wooden material that is eco, environmentally-friendly, and safe and free of any pollutants to protect the health of the little ones. The main feature of the bedroom is the specific antique style. Even though it seems too serious to be a theme for , it’s absolutely relevant, because your children will grow up quickly and when they go their own way, you will b ready to rest in your private place. The antique style will be in harmony with your mood and the atmosphere in the room will bring happy memories. The room is rather flexible and the furniture can be tailored to your kids’’ changing needs up to 12-year-old! For instance, the baby cradle easily converts to a bed where your teenager will have his/her sweet dreams. Isn’t it fantastic? Everybody will appreciate it for generations to come. SavioFirmino takes care of the fulfilled dreams of adults and the sweet ones of the kids. For more information visit SavioFirmino.

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  1. My Childrens Furniture February 5, 2011 at 2:18 AM -

    Wow beautiful pictures! The room looks fit for royalty.