Welcome the kitchen of the future

June 29, 2012 Comments Off on Welcome the kitchen of the future

The Department of Industrial Design in the Middle East Technical University (METU – Turkey) produced several research papers under the slogan of “Food in 2025”. Thus, the idea is to find the approach we have in regards to the future that awaits us and what it takes along with planting, food preparation and preservation.
The images below show t a kitchen island called Future Smart Cook, which is used for cooking, but also functions as information screen for recipes that are crucial for preparation. What you see at the end of the island is a washing zone.
The video that describes the kitchen of the future, as well as a smart table ‘Future Cook’ (by Aslihan Tokat), two projects that prepared METU students.
Plantree is a hydroponic planter for vegetables with which you can save water. The design is created by Nur Yildirim.
The other interesting thing is the Lotus, a system that preserves food better by changing the cooling temperature, depending on the type of food. It is made by Mehtap Aydin.

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