LAM Coffee / a21 studio- wooden coffee heaven

March 19, 2012 Comments Off on LAM Coffee / a21 studio- wooden coffee heaven

Located in the center of the city of Nhatrang, LAM Café is a place where local people and tourists from all around the world can go and drink not only coffee, but also create a new architectural space. The name, which meaning is “blind,” says much for the structure and the architectural concept behind it.
The roof, which is shaped like palm leaves, covers an area of 350 m2 to 800 m2. The concept comes from an image of palm trees which are very common in this coastal city. The lightweight wooden structure conveys the main idea of the project since the land was leased for a limited time, so the building was cheap to construct and it is easy to move when necessary.

The building is located in a residential area which is not that posh and clean, so the roof was carefully designed to define and give a view to the best cityscapes. The roof has three layers of palm leaves – the lowest layer that provides protection, the intermediate layer and the last one is made of fishing nets. In the future, this structure will be covered with plants, forming a green roof.
The system of wooden blinds is not just an aesthetic element, but also a constructive solution. The planks are not only a part of the construction, but also serve as a structural component of support.
The interior space does not look like the one which is typical of a traditional cafe. The light and natural ventilation passing through the wooden structure add a special touch to the comfy and pleasing atmosphere.

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