Lamps as an important part of the home interior

October 11, 2011 Comments Off on Lamps as an important part of the home interior

The lamps are an essential element of the beautiful home interior. To bring light to the space is their main function, however, many people forget that they also can serve as an excellent decorative element. Today we will check together different types of chandeliers and the main trends.
Hanging Lamps– as the name suggests, these lamps hang from the ceiling. They are the most common type and their main representative is the chandelier. I have three of these hanging lamps in my kitchen and they look great as they accentuate some other elements. They are red and stand out, because my kitchen is in white.

Definitely, the trends for ceiling lighting lamps are related to hanging lamps. The latter bring a personal character to the room, room or dining room. The trends for this type of lamp are  vintage, art and minimalism.
The vintage lamp is trendy in all aspects.  Vintage nuances are mainly the following: gold, brown and cakes.

Are you looking for lamps that are true art pieces?  If you wish to achieve something truly special, then go to designer to make you a unique lamp for you. Decorative art is modern and you should not be afraid of experimenting. The chandeliers are a key element for lighting your home. Great, then take advantage of it and employ it as a decorative element. Remember that you can choose the type, following  the style of the lines, as well as other elements of your home interior.

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