LAZIKA: new modern city in Georgia

August 15, 2012 Comments Off on LAZIKA: new modern city in Georgia

A few months ago the President of Georgia announced the project of a “instant city”, called LAZIKA, built in the region of Anaklia, located in the western part of the country, right on the Black Sea coast. The idea was to take advantage of the geographic potential, through a center that would promote economic exchange, but still will retain its identity. The city currently has 3D modeling and we can see quite remarkable achievements through the design.
This challenging project for 3D town will satisfy every taste. It’s a modern city with numerous skyscrapers and good facilities . This project also raises the debate of whether cities can be successful also internationally, thus grow gradually and boost the confidence of the citizens, or instead the ideal city is one that is created once, and fully corresponds to the current and future needs of human beings.
Maybe the problem is how to bring 1.5 million people in the new city of Lazika. Is the whole concept outdated? We like to hear from you, share your feedback with us once you have seen the photo gallery.

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