LED Lighting for the Euro Cup 2012 by Wojciech Ryzynski

June 15, 2012 Comments Off on LED Lighting for the Euro Cup 2012 by Wojciech Ryzynski

Are you ready for the craze of the European championship this summer? Euro Cup 2012 draws hundreds of thousands of fans this year who show their love for sport that unites the world. At these events are all for people’s experience. In several of these stages, we recognize LED lighting on the walls, all are a part of a stimulating experience, fun and sensory. This is the case with the stadium in Poznan. Philips LED projectors 195, a control system and cutting-edge software illuminate the façade of the stadium. Then the architect Wojciech Ryzynski explains his choice of LED lighting and the results achieved with it. Also we can see bathed in light five more out of the eight stadiums for Euro Cup 2012 will, they include Donbass Arena Stadium Metalist, Lviv Arena, Wroclaw Municipal Stadium and the Olympic stadium in Kiev. Likewise the sensory experience at the stadium from the city of Poznan, lighting for the Olympic Stadium in Kiev includes 608 Philips projectors ArenaVision sport. Here we recognize the concept of lighting to create the illusion of a “ring of fire ‘on the edge of the roof of the stadium. Once again one can see the capabilities of LED lighting as a tool in the architecture that is capable of establishing the identity of a building. There is no doubt that the use of LED lighting system for outdoor lighting of the stadium enables dynamic color changes that can help boost the excitement of  fans. What do you think about this interesting idea?



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