Let’s add some tones: three interiors, filled with bright colors

May 4, 2012 Comments Off on Let’s add some tones: three interiors, filled with bright colors

Juicy shades may not only change your mood, but also give the house some personality. Each house is associated with owner’s preferences, combinations and different ways to add some color accents to the interior.
In search of the source of inspiration, we have come across something very interesting and invite you to take a look at three U.S. flats that are packed with bright colors. You will find different interior styles, and respectively, different decorative techniques.Even though many colours are used for the complete interior design, the open space of all flats is preserved, and it’s given a brand new meaning to the bright accent and light concept.

If you decide to try this on your own, it will not become a budget burden, because everything can be applied either with a small accessory, or with some paint on the walls.
Bright apartment in a vintage American style

This interior is inspired by Southern California’s vibrant atmosphere of the 60ties and looks like a kaleidoscope of different colors. Still, two colors dominate the others. As you will see, those lively colours orange and turquoise. The first colour is used on a single large area wall (as an accent) and a little bit on the pillows. The second one can be found on the set of small accessories.

Even though we recognize much brightness, the palette of colors does not tire the eyes, and the house looks very spacious. This is also due to the presence of neutral colors – white background (wall) and different brown shades for the furniture.

This interior concept can be described as a very cost-effective way to add some energy in your house, because the mood is dependent on little things that can be found in inexpensive stores, markets, or you can give it a try and make them on your own.
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