Let’s escape to Africa: kids room in a jungle style

April 16, 2012 Comments Off on Let’s escape to Africa: kids room in a jungle style

The most popular theme for girls’ rooms are castles, princesses and fairies, as it comes to boys, the sea and cars are the passion. But if you think this is too cliché for you, let’s explore together another interesting décor idea, inspired by the amazing world of flora and fauna in Africa. But, in contrast to what we usually associate Africa with, it is softer, gentle, more comfortable and funly like cartoon or a game.

Such a decoration is simply called the “jungle style” or “savanna’’.

The theme can be considered universalfor girls and boys. As for the age, most likely this will appeal to kids and younger students, although the US decorators manage to arrange a room even for infants.
Do not you want your son or daughter feel proud of the fact that their room do not look like dozens of others? Look at the photo gallery below and get inspired by the African style, I am sure that you will like it!

As the theme implies the present of a jungle, then it is great to use the palette of green, recalling the lush vegetation of the African “forest”. The name “Savannah” is more appropriate for those variants that contain only the orange-yellow-brown palette of colors.

We have deliberately excluded the word “safari”, because despite the fact that it is actively used by designers, its essence does not change – it’s related to hunting and we find it quite hard.

Would you redesign your kid’s room in an African style?

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