Liberty: a new concept of modular kitchen

December 23, 2011 Comments Off on Liberty: a new concept of modular kitchen

This model is designed using modular kitchen, with a very compact format, offering little or no features that we can find today in the most modern kitchen furniture. It’s called Liberty  and originally it is designed for a small home, but is formed by a set with well-defined storage boxes, laundry, air ventilation system and other features which can be combined in different ways.
This kitchen comes with a couple of features that should be noted, one of which is that its design allows it to be used by anyone, so the area is adjustable.

We also liked the lighting control sensors  and extractor fan, which works as well as air conditioner, and this can be quite useful for the summer. Keep in mind that even though the kitchen seems compact, it surely could be customised to the needs of a larger family.

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