Light of My Life

April 11, 2011 Comments Off on Light of My Life

I am in a romantic mood today, but worry not – I’m not going to start waffling on about relationships. Sitting here in the welcome spring sunshine I am thinking about my interior lighting, and creating romantic moods.

All over the house there has been a shift in recent times away from concealed lighting such as spotlights and towards lamps and feature fittings. Nowhere is the lighting more important to mood than in the bedrooms, and perhaps this is where it needs to be most flexible too: wall mounted reading lights over double beds, ceiling lights on dimmer switches and bright daylight bulbs for dressing tables and en-suites. Creating a romantic mood starts with the lighting in the room, and this includes of course the ever-forgiving glow cast by candles.

In the children’s rooms the needs are different – night lights for sleeping, bright lights for homework and there is room for playful and funky features too such as an oversized floor lamp over their sofa beds to make a cool corner to hang out in. There are endless options and great entertainment to be had choosing. I quite like the quirky gadgets too – especially for the kids – lamps that you touch, wave at or clap near to activate and all kinds of oscillating colours and finishes to go at. For nurseries you can get lights which play music, read the temperature in the room, act as a listener and even have a webcam attached for hi-tech sleep monitoring – amazing!

Whenever you are re-vamping or designing a room in your home from scratch, don’t forget about the lighting as it will really bring your ideas to life. Focus on a lighting solution to meet the needs of the people using the space and one which will also show off your creative features. It is great fun playing with light so enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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