Loft 1010: а luxury apartment in Vienna

November 26, 2012 Comments Off on Loft 1010: а luxury apartment in Vienna

I know that I will live you speechless with the pictures of a 500m2 penthouse in downtown Vienna. It is an impressive apartment. The result which you can see is due to a subtle sense of interior design that goes a step ahead of many of other apartments and loft projects that we have analyzed before.
This luxurious penthouse is intended to accommodate a family of five. One of the things which will capture your attention is the magnificent curved staircase (with metallic coating.
The sloping roof has become the basis of a fully glazed facade, the main areas of the houses are bathed in light, and we recognize the feeling of having more space.
We are impressed with the project and will be glad to hear your opinion once you have seen the photos!

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