Look inside the Apple Campus 2

November 20, 2013 Comments Off on Look inside the Apple Campus 2

Shortly before the project for Apple Campus 2 has been officially approved by the authorities at Cupertino, there are new photos which show the interior of some of its buildings and we can take a look at certain areas of the site. In the model of the campus we could recognize some major changes in relation to the original project plans. With those published renderings, however, some doubts have been cleared and we can also recognize that the glass is employed in a number structures. We can be sure that this indeed will be one of the best office buildings in the world.
The main building, the Ring (also nicknamed Mother ship), has photos which give us a vision about how it would look like in a normal working day. We can see not only the interior hallways or the magnificent dining room which occupies the full height of the structure, but also several outdoor areas that thousands of employees will enjoy and relax in.
Although a large parking lot will be built on the southern side of campus, the Ring itself use the basement as an additional extra parking space which is accessed by multilane roads.
Imagine where you might have worked if you were an employee at Apple!

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