Loop: creative shower design

June 25, 2012 Comments Off on Loop: creative shower design

Considering that the market is full of different types of showers, even such with the option for hydro massage session, you might think that this shower, which carries the simple name Loop, is nothing new. Well, Loop is another meaning for having a shower in style, as the main focus is the ring-shaped design.
Loop is a shower, and the waters comes on the surface in the form of raindrops as this piece is designed to give users a completely new experience while having the shower. In general, it seems that Loop has been created with more attention to the outer space in a single bathroom, but everything is related to finding the most appropriate place. Loop is made of polyethylene, and its dimensions are length 214cm, 100cm deep and 217cm in height. All pieces are sold in neutral colors only, so the different colors you may recognize on the pictures invite us to think that it also utilizes a technology such as chromotherapy, but yet the manufacturer does not reveal further details.
The shower Loop is created by the designer Diego Granese (Granese Architecture & Design Studio) in collaboration with company Visentin Spa, and it’s a custom product upon request of the Italian company Idiha Design.

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