Luxury cottage in the style of the 60ties

March 24, 2014 Comments Off on Luxury cottage in the style of the 60ties

This small building is located on a steep terrain, overlooking a great view over a lake of Kreuzau (Germany). It is known as the Lake Cottage and it was built on the remains of an existing building with a couple of walls perpendicular to each other. It was designed in a style clearly inspired by the residential architecture of the 1960s.
The house is protected by 4 meters high wall (formed by stone and metal structures) which remains slightly separated and it corresponds to the pre- existing facades with little holes. The other two walls are completely glazed and the upper part features different interspersed circular skylights.
From what we see on the floor plan, this is a luxury home and a single bedroom occupies almost half of the surface. There are a shower, a bathtub, and a small bathroom with toilet, a washbasin. The rest of the house has also the dining room, and a kitchen on the one end.
A remarkable aspect of the house is its sliding wooden doors, which are hidden in the wall between the living room area. Apart from the good wood finishes, the floor is polished and the concrete walls are painted white while the texture makes them look like stone walls.

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