Luxury Resort in Kish Island (Iran)

February 20, 2013 Comments Off on Luxury Resort in Kish Island (Iran)

Kish Island (the Persian Gulf) is the most important tourist destination in Iran. It is a very attractive place for consumers since it is free trade area. The island features posh hotels and numerous shopping centres. Maybe this is the reason why a competition has been won and the complex Padideh Kish will be built on the island. It is a luxury resort meant to be a memorable place for the traveller.

The size of this resort is enormous, and so is the complexity of the project. Kish Padideh consists of a wide variety of facilities and spaces for one’s leisure time and socializing. The holiday resort will be suitable for hosting events, but it will also have its commercial and recreational use.
Apart from the renderings and drawings which you will find below, little is known about this spectacular project. The foremost feature of the design is that it allows the protection of the buildings and urban spaces from the sun, which is particularly important in locations with hot and a humid climate.

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