Maff Apartment- distinguishable style

January 23, 2012 Comments Off on Maff Apartment- distinguishable style

This apartment is located five minutes from the centre of Hague /Netherlands/. It lies on the top floor of a historic building (1890) and it might have been an attic in the past. The flat is under the sloped roof, but it enjoys a good natural lighting through large windows. The entire flat is built around an open space with a dark carpet, white walls, and a splash of colours the couch.
Here we will find also  a good use of wardrobes that help us  maximize our small space (35m2). Proof of this is the way that sofa is integrated with curved living room, and undoubtedly this is the most daring and risky decision for the project. The kitchen is small, but well equipped with cooker, sink, refrigerator … A nice touch here are the glass shelves in the contemporary kitchen and bathroom.  .
This luxury apartment which is a good example of the modern urban style is a design by architect Roland Hoekstra.


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