Manhattan Mountain: urban proposal for SPURA

May 7, 2012 Comments Off on Manhattan Mountain: urban proposal for SPURA

The local authorities in New York have at their disposal some land that they could not decide how to use it. Therefore, the project which we will present is related to SPURA (Seward Park Urban Renewal Area). .Manhattan Mountain is a crazy project, it certainly overrides the limitations imposed by the municipality.

This project is mainly based on the idea of attracting many people who pass by and create a town park that would appeal to them. This large-scale architectural piece is disguised as a mountain, where you can walk, enjoy cycling, rock climbing, and snowboarding, but also it is an important commercial area with all shops loated inside. The tower which you see on the photos is for residential use.
This project is fulfilled by Ju-Hyum Kim, an architect who is convinced that the only strength of the 21 century architecture is the façade and the way one can transform it in order to create a unique atmosphere.

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