MC House – golf experiences revealed

May 28, 2014 Comments Off on MC House – golf experiences revealed

MC House serves as residence to a young couple with a small daughter. It is located in a residential area of large lots of Rosario (Argentina ) , and it occupies an area with direct views to the Golf Country. It is a two storey building which is designed to protect the front of the south by the strong winds and rain, while the opposite side is opened to the golf course.
The structure of this house is designed to not interfere with views towards the distant landscape. It is built with reinforced concrete and brick with a revoked in white finish which creates a beautiful contrast with the hardwood floors.
The arrangement of the house divides the functions of the house on the ground floor, leaving the south side of the garage, an engine room, a study and a bathroom. On the other hand, there is a large space that includes the kitchen, dining and living room. This space features a fireplace and it is decorated with the same wood for the fronts of kitchen cabinets and furniture of the room.
The upper floor is much smaller. The northern side is occupied by the master bedroom (treated as suite) , while in the opposite is the daughter ‘s bedroom. There is a separate bathroom, and two large roof terraces to enjoy each bedroom.

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