Mediterranean gold – stunning Hebil 157 Houses by Aytac Architects

April 17, 2013 Comments Off on Mediterranean gold – stunning Hebil 157 Houses by Aytac Architects

Today we will inspire you in Mediterranean style. These Five villas are overlooking the tranquil panorama of Hebil Bay, Turkey, and they are the key point of the project by Avtac Architects. Each villa is strategically located so that they will also benefit from the sweeping views of the bay. They also blend with the Aegean landscape and the Mediterranean breeze.
Embracing the old olive trees in the central courtyard,  the beauty of the houses is also complemented by the local flora.  Large glass structures bring the picturesque outdoor landscapes in the house, merging the vision of staying inside and outside.
The influence of the volcano that once erupted here is experienced both in the materials that are used for the houses and  the spatial organization. The spaces are connected seamlessly and they reflect the atmosphere in the local area.
This stunning architectural project presents the relationship between rich and complex dynamic forces of nature, which are then transformed into the soft lines of an architectural piece.

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