MO House with a sea view

October 29, 2014 Comments Off on MO House with a sea view

The summer is over, but we are ready to impress you with the present architectural piece which carries the summer spirit. MO House is a good example of a residential project, built on a hillside, from where you can enjoy a good view of the sea coast of Chile. On the lower level of he building there are a kitchen and a family room, as well as a storage room. The master bedroom is located on the top floor of the house, plus an en suite bathroom has a large terrace with sea views.
It is no wonder that owners have chosen concrete for this structure as it facilitates the adaptation to the geographical landscape, and allows a large span over this Chile zone. The building incorporated titanium dioxide which improves air quality, eliminating certain polluting particles released by cars.
The entire interior is painted white, with the intention of facilitating the brightness in the rooms that are bathed in natural light, flowing from windows, skylights, and spacious patios. The joinery used is cedar wood.

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