Modern and Exotic Villa Design in Sao Paulo by Isay Weinfeld

June 3, 2009 Comments Off on Modern and Exotic Villa Design in Sao Paulo by Isay Weinfeld

This exotic villa is situated on 600 square meters site, near São Paulo and belongs to family who wanted to has place far from urban centers. It’s shape is very simple and mostly consist of right angles. There are different material like steel, concrete, wood and glass are used around the house changing each other to surprise the neighbors and make the site look more warm and comfy without losing in modernism. There is the pool of 20 meters long and two meters wide hided inside of the house. Even though the villa is situated on small lot with different volumes it has three levels of living spaces very well connected to outdoors and hided behind big stone wall. The villa is designed by one of the best-recognised Brazilian architects – Isay Weinfeld.


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