Modern apartment in Berlin

November 19, 2012 Comments Off on Modern apartment in Berlin

It is a common practice that the best interior designs feature minimalist white style. One of the trends this year is purity and the simplicity of style. Following this concept, we found for oyu an apartment in Berlin which takes the interior design to the highest levels. All constituent elements are designed to perfection. They create environments in which we recognize the important role of light and subtle shadows, the opacity and transparency which contribute to the minimalist style.
In this apartment we are inspired not only by the interior decoration, but also the technologies which make possible the modulation of environments such as proximity sensors and different voice activation facilities which control the doors and / or lighting.
This project also includes a kitchen interior with furniture, a bathroom tailored to customer requirements, as well as a dining room table and stainless steel chairs and a fantastic table. As we can see on the photos, there is also a sophisticated lighting system which would allow the owner to change the color and light of the spaces.

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