Modern Book Shelves and Sideboards by Acerbis – new for 2010

May 25, 2010 Comments Off on Modern Book Shelves and Sideboards by Acerbis – new for 2010

Designing “domestic landscapes” since 1870, Acerbis International presents these modern book shelves and sideboards, made for fashion and function alike. Created for the Italian company by designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti as part of the new 2010 collection, the Newind book shelves are cool and contemporary, boasting space-efficient qualities as well as made to contain electronics – and all their unsightly wires and cables – in style. The display shelf in particular is ultra cool, featuring a sleek sliding glass panel that conceals the TV when not in use, slides open when you feel like watching the tube. The TV even slides over to reveal hidden rear storage. Finished in black and white, these modern shelves and sideboards boast a timeless style to suit every space. Check it out at Acerbis International.

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