Modern gardens and minimalist design

June 17, 2011 Comments Off on Modern gardens and minimalist design

Undoubtedly minimalist design is one of today’s top trends which are associated with good taste and sobriety. Even if it may seem strange, the trend has embraced not only the interior of your home, but also outside premises, including your garden with lush vegetation and flowers. If you wish to create a modern garden in minimalist style, there are certain guidelines which you need to follow. Thus, you will achieve a wonderful appearance, a stylish mixture of interior and exterior.
It is important in a garden in a minimalist style not to place too many plant species, but to choose some of your favourite ones and arrange them in a specific order to create the desired effect. Otherwise, you may easily overwhelm your design concept and make it too heavy and visually unpleasant.
The geometry is one of the key elements which you should manage. Make sure that you have in mind all angles and decorate them properly. The pots or boxes should be placed in such an order so that they will look like stylish finishes which convey peace and purity.
As it comes to the colours of the minimalist style garden, you should always look for a light colour palette where neutral and light nuances are prevalent. Forget about saturation, because minimalist style gardens are associated with light and bright colours can only highlight small angles and corners. Again, bright colours add character to spacious surfaces which are not full of objects.
Finally, if you are about to decorate the minimalist design of your garden, don’t miss to have in mind the  consistency of the lines and the specific order of your flowers, because in this way you will avoid the disorder and overburden.

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