Modern gothic cathedral: a look inside

August 5, 2011 Comments Off on Modern gothic cathedral: a look inside

It is not usual and easy to discuss the religious architecture, but this time the project deserves it. We are impressed how architects manage to achieve Gothic cathedral style, maintaining all the essence of the period while using clean and contemporary materials.

The idea  for the cathedral came from the invitation of the architects Axis Mundi who were welcomed to deal with  a new cathedral of Strasbourg (France). It is composed of elements that are easy to be identified. The structure is composed of curves and concrete slabs that give the overall appearance of a giant fold which is blended with modern stained glass.

We could not miss the Latin cross which is below the level of the street.  The facade is identifiable by the relief that draws a pixelated abstraction of a Gothic cathedral, producing a magical effect since  the morning rays  form shadows that disappear throughout the day.
This project will form a  part of the wonderful collection of splendid architecture.

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