Modern Style House Looking Toward The Hill by Giovanni Vaccarini

June 18, 2009 Comments Off on Modern Style House Looking Toward The Hill by Giovanni Vaccarini

Casa Capece Venanzi is a suburban house situated near Adriatic coast on area between the plain and a hill. It’s tightened between the urban texture of two levels single family houses and the hill covered with untouched vegetation. Instead of looking towards the city the house is turned towards the hill to capture completely green views. Besides two levels above the ground there is the underground level completely dug in the land. Inner patio acts as central element of the house connecting living areas of ground level, roof-garden area and underground space. Living areas consist of usual rooms like bath, study, sauna and so on. The architecture and used materials provide the house with modern style without using classic minimalist ideas. Giovanni Vaccarini’s work is great example of cozy modern house design.modern-style-house-looking-towards-the-hill-1-554x367

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