Modern Venice in China

May 3, 2013 Comments Off on Modern Venice in China

These attractive design renderings show a new neighborhood in the Chinese city of Wuxi. In total it occupies an area of 33.6 hectares, on which there will be built five skyscrapers, several buildings with a courtyard, 24 floors with all the equipment a 5-7 star hotel needs, and 56 villas. The floor area for this plan reaches 561.4511 m2.
The architects take advantage of the location of the Lake Taihu which makes this new development an area that is crossed by numerous water channels. As a result it looks like an interesting and modern version of the city of Venice, fusing an array of land and small islands, and even a waterfall in front of the hotel.
If we take a look at the architectural pieces in this region, we will notice that there are green facades, green roofs, but most importantly the urban design is applied to different architectural styles.

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