Monolith: creative heating for the bathroom

December 2, 2013 Comments Off on Monolith: creative heating for the bathroom

In countries where the winter weather can be severe, it is also necessary to have a heating in the bathroom. Especially when you want to take a shower and indulge your senses after a stressful day at work. With the idea of combining the convenience a good heating system and the warm touch of the hot water, the Italian company Brandoni Monolite created an original piece that has all the features found in a modern shower with a fairly minimalist design.
The Monolith radiator serves to shape the shower cabin, but it also functions as a support for the rain shower, the controls and certain accessories that can be available upon request. It is produced in various shades of gray and blue, white, black, and it can also be installed in the corner of the bathroom.
It is indeed an innovative solution in terms of style and functionality, but the technical part behind it is completely unknown. All we know is that there is a model of 1200W and 1000W. What would you say about this warmth in your bathroom?

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