Moscow Apartment designed in Art Nouveau Style with Floral ornaments within

February 7, 2011 1

The interior of the 120m2 apartment in Moscow, Russia is a piece of creative work by the talented Daria Grigorieva. The predominant style is Art Nouveau or at least Russian version of it characterizes the overall style of the apartment. The massive oak is the base component of the furniture and finishes. The smooth floral theme is one of the most distinctive characteristics of the stylish interior. Floral ornaments are the main idea behind many elements of the décor. The beautiful lilies and irises complement the royal elegance and add some romance to the ambience. The layout of the common premises is divided only visually in order to enhance the space.  All doorways are arch-shaped. The bedroom does not have any parallel walls and hence the architectural decision fully complies with Art Nouveau style. The interior of this apartment is second to none due to the diversity of distinctive features of this style of the apartment.

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  1. Varna Bulgaria February 8, 2011 at 1:50 AM -

    I like the bath ! the rest is to pretentious to me