Museum of Latin American Art in Miami

December 22, 2014 Comments Off on Museum of Latin American Art in Miami

A building which has large terraces is the proposal of Fernando Romero Enterprise for the Museum of Latin American Art in Miami (Latin American Art Museum – LAAM). This project is supported by a major private art collector (Gary Nader) and the museum will be located within a residential complex on Biscayne Boulevard. It is intended to serve as the most important space in the US to represent this type of modern art.
The building will have 4 floors with terraces that are also used as the area for display artwork outdoors. In total, the LAAM will have about 8.300m2.
The first floor will be occupied by the art of young artists, a shop and a cafe, the second level is devoted to temporary exhibitions, the third floor is designated to permanent exhibitions with a collection of 600 pieces on display, and the top floor will house a panoramic restaurant. The strongest point of the design will be the opportunity which these terraces give to the people who can see the art pieces from the street. The museum will definitely draw the attention of all visitors.

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