Natural Minimalism in Open Beach House Design – Laranjeiras House by Marcio Kogan

May 26, 2009 Comments Off on Natural Minimalism in Open Beach House Design – Laranjeiras House by Marcio Kogan


Marcio Kogan is Brazil’s designer who create beautiful modern house designs in minimalist and natural style. This house in Laranjeiras, neighborhood located in the Southern Zone of Rio de Janeiro, is one of his latest works which combines both styles in one beach house. Ultra wide openings and imperceptibly transition between indoors and outdoors what make this very comfortable. Minimalism softened through wood surfaces and stone walls make the house design’s modern but not cold. 6 bedrooms with balconies are located on second floor creating great places for rest and catch sunrise views. First floor have kitchen and maids quarters at the one wing and dining room, living areas, bar and games room at the other. [Marcio Kogan]


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